Is Your Website Responsive?

240 x 320 (tiny phone)

320 x 480 (iPhone 4)

480 x 640 (small phone)

768 x 1024 (iPad - Portrait)

1024 x 768 (iPad - Landscape)

A tool by Matt Kersley - Fork it on Github
Note from Matt: The content width may not be pixel perfect - I have added 15px to the iframes to cater for the scrollbars

Note people these are not going to pick up specific code for devices; this is just to get an idea. Thank you very much Matt. :) I added a bit...

Testing Larger Resolutions

Zoom out (control - ) until the frame looks like the suggested inch size on your screen. (control + to zoom in, and control zero to reset) If you do this with Internet Explorer it may not come out looking right; might try the Chrome browser instead.

Display width 1600px, height 900, old medium 17" laptop screen


Display width 1920px, height 1200, old medium-large desktop monitor
Nexus 7 tablet (7"), Kindle Fire HD tablet (8.9"), Nook HD tablet (9"), Nokia Lumia HD 1520(6")


Display width 2048px, height 1152


Display width 2560px, height 1440, normal large desktop screens 24-30", notebooks & tablets


Display width 3200px height 1800 pixel dimensions of Samsung 13" netbook released May 2013

Go ahead and zoom out until this frame looks like it's about 13 inches.


Display width 3840px height 2160

End of resolution examples

Remember to press control-zero to reset your browser size

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