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Professional Custom Websites

Fully Customized Design and Build

  • From carte blanche, created especially for your business needs
  • Responsive
  • Elastic
  • Speed optimized
  • Clean, professionally written code
  • No Flash so it works for iPhones and iPads
  • External CSS

Fast and Efficient Websites

One of SeeMe Digital's highest priorities for creating custom websites is loading speed.

It doesn't matter how good your site looks and how many tricks it can do if it doesn't load quickly enough to keep people from clicking away to something else.

Also, speed counts in SEO.

The Website Loading Speed page has more information.

Responsive Specialist

The site looks like it fits on mobile screens as well as large resolutions. Mobile visitors can use the site without pinching and pushing, zooming in and out, and having to scroll back and forth just to read each line of text.

Mobile users are becoming more and more common. These screens are smaller and include special concerns for ease of mobile access.

Extensive device testing with up-to-date resolution and browser usage statistics. More information: Website Display Widths

Example, Destination Website

Woodring Wall of Honor and Veterans Park screenshot

Woodring Wall of Honor Responsive Website created with PHP, CSS3, JavaScript, and custom graphics

Animated custom JavaScript billboard scrolls through menu items with corresponding images displayed in the center. Billboard is interactive: hovering over a menu item increases opacity of the name and custom flag graphic while bringing that section's photograph up in the center. Moving the mouse away from the billboard will allow the automatic slide show to resume. Clicking or tapping a menu item will take the viewer to that page on the site.

The Mission section is CSS3 interactive: hover or tap to display the mission, and move/tap away to put it away.

The site menu is a CSS3 hover dropdown. The submenus display statically in each section for mobile/touch.

Photographs courtesy Woodring Wall of Honor and Veterans Park, Inc.


Elastic means the buttons, bars, boxes, and other containers expand to accommodate larger font sizes for people who have their browsers or whole devices set for a larger text size.

Not only do elastic sites allow the text size to change, but it changes without breaking the site and making navigation impossible or content unreadable.

Example, Business Website

Sundance Wine & Spirits screenshot

Sundance Wine & Spirits: Commercial Responsive and Elastic Website utilizing CSS3, SQL database integration, and PHP scripting
Full Custom Administrative Database Content Management System in PHP and SQL

CSS3 interactive center panel images zoom out on hover or tap, and resume original size when viewer moves/taps away.

This business also had webmaster services and regular updates.

Southwest silhouette vector graphics from Stanislav, Nat Maclean widget

Better Solution Than Template Software

Custom websites can include lots of things the templates don't, including more of your own individual style and your own database integration.

They can be much better optimized for speed and responsiveness, as well as elasticity and accessibility.

They can also include multiple image assets for responsive efficiency and quality. With websites now spanning from 240 to 5120 pixels wide, mobile users can receive smaller image files while large, high resolution screens can receive larger file sizes.

Example, Event Website

Red Dirt Run of Honor screenshot

Red Dirt Run of Honor: Custom Responsive Event Website created with PHP, CSS3, a JavaScript image slide show, and a JQuery animated sponsor bar

Interactive sponsor bar pauses on hover and allows viewers to click sponsor logos if they want to visit sponsor websites. Animation resumes on mouse out.

For wide accessibility, the entire site has a text version.

Photographs courtesy of the Woodring Wall of Honor and Veteran's Park, Inc.

Custom Responsive Website Package

  • Get on the Web with your style
  • Includes SEO meta data
  • Starting at
  • No eternal monthly fees
  • Extremely expandable

Example, Business Website

Sx Custom Fabrication screenshot

Sx Custom Fabrication: Custom Responsive Commercial Website front page created with CSS3 animations and transformations

CSS3 interactive "bubbles" dance around the page, but each will pause on hover/tap, expanding into a square. Moving/tapping away resumes the dance as well as the round shape of the image.

This page is the front-runner to an extensive site ...

Photographs courtesy of Sx Custom Fabrication

Customized Website Content Management System Available

  • Easy-to-use software made specifically for your site
  • Office staff can create, update, modify and delete your website content for you with no code knowledge
  • Includes one hour of CMS training if desired, in person (local) or via Skype/phone
  • Option of one-time payment and no eternal monthly fees
  • Particularly handy for websites with content which needs to be updated daily
  • Faster and easier to implement updates and QA changes like spelling and link address corrections from anywhere

Example, Fine Art Website

Fine Art Website screenshot

Beth Shearon Fine Art: Custom Commercial Fine Art Website created with PHP

This site loads art images and informational content from its database using SQL and PHP, and uses JavaScript for image interactivity.

This site is live:

Fine Art Photography by Beth Shearon.

Additional Web and Software Services

  • Web Applications
  • Databases, Website Database Integration
  • Custom Intranets
  • E-Commerce Solutions
  • Custom Web Hubs

Example, Portfolio Website

Portfolio Website screenshot

Portfolio site created with PHP, CSS3, and responsive design which fits both wide screen and mobile devices

Photo Edit section features CSS3 mouseover before and after transitions for both the thumbnails and the regularly sized photographs, and also includes an alternative page for older browsers which shows side-by-side before and after images.

This site is live: Digital Portfolio

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