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Example, Personal Web Hub

Personal Web Hub screenshot

Personal Responsive Web Hub with CSS3, deluxe keeps going

This site is live:

1940 LaFrance and soccer goal photographs by Beth Shearon

Q: What sites have you done?

A: You'll find some scattered throughout this page. If you want something you don't see here, though, feel free to ask.

Most of these have been responsively designed to look great on mobile devices as well as large screen sizes.

Example, Destination Website

Woodring Wall of Honor and Veterans Park screenshot

Woodring Wall of Honor and Veterans Park, Inc. Custom Responsive Website

Developed with PHP, designed with CSS3, interactive JavaScript billboard slideshow, responsive from 300 pixel-wide to 3900 pixel-wide resolutions

This site is live:

Photographs courtesy Woodring Wall of Honor and Veterans Park, Inc.

“It looks sooooooo good.
I keep going back and looking at it.”

Q: Can we just hire you for a few hours a week to work on a site we already have?

A: Indeed.

Hourly Service Rates

  • $150 hourly rate
  • $140 per hour monthly schedule
  • $130 per hour weekly schedule
  • At your office add travel expenses
  • $300 per hour for Emergency Services


Need Massive Hours?

Talk to me 580-231-2342 or send an email

Example, Business Website

Sx Custom Fabrication screenshot

Sx Custom Fabrication: Custom Responsive Commercial Website preliminary front page

Graphic animations and transformations created in CSS3, designed for Chrome browser and 1600px-wide display by client request.

This site is live:

Photographs courtesy of Sx Custom Fabrication

Q: What software do you use to make your custom websites?

A: Notepad and Notepad++

Example, Event Website

Red Dirt Run of Honor screenshot

Red Dirt Run of Honor: Custom Event Website created with PHP, CSS3 and JavaScript.

This site is live:

Photographs courtesy of the Woodring Wall of Honor and Veterans Park, Inc.

I like those buttons you made.”

Example, Business Website

Sundance Wine & Spirits screenshot

Sundance Wine & Spirits: Custom Responsive Commercial Website with CSS3, SQL and PHP. Custom Administrative Database Content Management System with PHP and SQL

This site is live:

Southwest silhouette vector graphics from Stanislav, Nat Maclean widget

Q: What can you do?

A: HTML5, CSS3, PHP, JavaScript, AJAX, SQL, Java, C#.NET, ASP.NET and more (Visual Studio for .NET)

Example, Portfolio Website

Portfolio Website screenshot

Portfolio site created with PHP, CSS3, and responsive design which fits both wide screen and mobile devices. Photo Edit section features CSS3 mouseover before and after transitions for both the thumbnails and the regularly sized photographs, and also includes an alternative page for older browsers which shows side-by-side before and after images.

This site is live: Digital Portfolio

Q: What if my company uses Dreamweaver? or a CMS?

A: On it. There may be an additional set up cost or your work may be done even more quickly depending on what you have and what you need.

Many kinds of site-building software and content management systems software don't streamline the code as much as they could so I don't use them to create my own designs, but yes I can and do use them for clients on request.

The entire Creative Suite from Adobe is an option, if any of those are needed, including Dreamweaver and Photoshop.

“It looks great!
I'm so impressed!!!!”

Q: Do you do templates?

A: Yes template software (such as Weebly or others like it) can be used to make a template site if a business is too small or too new to be able to afford a full custom design and build.

One of the benefits to having a professional set up your template website is training in graphical user interface design and electronic marketing, as well as a greater ability to make design and code changes. It can also save you considerable time. Template software sites created by SeeMe Digital are only $1200, possibly more if it's an extensive site. See Template Websites for more information.

Example of Template Software Services

Cherokee Strip Regional Heritage Center screenshot

The new website for the Cherokee Strip Regional Heritage Center was created with template software. This extensive site with readily available navigation is also an example of how some templates can be adjusted quite a bit for client preferences.

Q: What do you mean template software?

A: A website template is an item which is usually purchased, a set of code files with a pre-designed framework where you fill in the blanks and have an instant website which looks like a hundred thousand other websites. You keep the files, which is good, but it may require you to edit within the code itself, which can mean broken code and headaches for people who don't know HTML and CSS, and sometimes a challenge in getting these files uploaded to a server.

Template software (such as Weebly or others like it) does not usually have files you own. The set of files stays on their servers, and their content management system software enables filling in the blanks to make a template site which looks just like hundreds of thousands of other sites. It is inexpensive, so it works in a pinch, but since every part of the software is trying to enable any image or content one could want to add, and edit, you can imagine that software has to be able to do a lot of work, which means a lot of code, and most of the time this makes the website code bloated. This translates to slow loading when people access the site. It can also mean severe challenges with accessibility and search engine optimization.

Q: Will you travel to my company even if it is far away?

A: Love to travel! You pay expenses.

Example, Business Web Hub

Rugged Steel Inc. screenshot

Rugged Steel Inc. Web Hub created with CSS3 and JavaScript

Photographs courtesy of Rugged Steel, Inc.

Q: What if you're almost finished with my site and I think of something that I really want to have added?

A: Depending on what it is, it could be included or there may be an additional charge. Items can be added or redesigned, and contracts can be adjusted with your approval once any additional fees are itemized. Expanded ideas can be included right away or they can be added to future development, depending on your budget.

Example, Destination Web Hub

Bridge Shark Web Hub

Bridge Shark Responsive Web Hub with CSS3

A destination-oriented page for visitors to the area, and a global highlight for an unconventional, artsy solution to peculiar municipal challenges.

Collage uses CSS3 interactivity via hover or tap to bring the selected photograph to the forefront of the page.

This site is live:

Photographs by Beth Shearon

No surprise later fees

An associate recently shared that yet another development company was holding a site hostage for an additional $12,000 fee which the (nonprofit!) client was not expecting at all. This is an insult to everyone in this field. With SeeMe Digital there are no hidden fees and no surprise later fees. I am interested in your long-term growth. When your site does well, SeeMe Digital does well.

For ongoing website updates and changes, hourly rates are listed publicly. Regularly scheduled hours for content management have reduced rates, and any scheduled time not used on immediately-needed updates can be used to complete items in a default waiting list for specific or overall site improvements.

Example, Personal Web Hub

Personal Web Hub screenshot 2

Personal Responsive Web Hub with CSS3

This site is live:

Keystone photograph by Beth Shearon, September 2013. Photograph of Beth Shearon at the Greater Enid Chamber of Commerce November Noon Network 2012.

Q: Can I start with a business website for information, and then tie in an E-Commerce solution later with the same design?

A: Absolutely

Q: What is a domain? What is hosting?

A: Domain names usually run about $15 per year. This is your address on the Web, and it is well worth the money to have your own domain name. (example Like a post office box number, this is only the address.

Hosting space is like the actual post office box itself, which holds the website content on a server so others may access it. Charges for hosting space vary, usually depending on the size of the space. Unless you are planning an extensive site, the smallest sized packages these days are usually more than enough wiggle room for a simple website.

Some companies do both domain names and hosting, and some only do one or the other. It is quite common to have your domain name from one company and your hosting from a different company. The hosting can change, and the domain name can be pointed to the appropriate new server.

“It's going viral, everyone is going to look at it.
I keep getting likes!!!!!”

Example, Fine Art Website

Fine Art Website screenshot

Beth Shearon Fine Art: Custom Commercial Fine Art Website created with PHP. This site loads art images and informational content from its database using PHP and SQL, and uses JavaScript for image interactivity.

This site is live:

Fine Art Photography by Beth Shearon

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