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Your website is your most valuable employee, there for clients wherever they are, when they choose. Is he keeping them waiting? Is she answering their questions? Is he answering easily?

Forty-six percent of people showing up on virtual doorsteps are using a mobile device.* That number is growing. Mobile users want answers right now.

Cost in time, cost in data, cost in frustration: this is considering customer service. This is your client relationship, before you even meet her.

*US Dec 2016 GS StatCounter

Office in Downtown Enid

Solutions are here.

Nonprofit, educational, event, personal, municipal, and commercial experience.

Website Management

Updates and modifications can be handled per day, per week, per month, or as needed.

Regularly scheduled time slots have reduced rates.

Emergency ASAP and Quality Assurance services are available.

Performance matters.

SEO rank

Fast load

Ease of use

Fast and Efficient Websites

One of SeeMe Digital's highest priorities for creating custom websites is loading speed.

It doesn't matter how good your site looks and how many tricks it can do if it doesn't load quickly enough to keep people from clicking away to something else.

Also, speed counts in SEO.

The Website Loading Speed page has more information.

Responsive Specialist

The site looks like it fits on mobile screens as well as large resolutions. Mobile visitors can use the site without pinching and pushing, zooming in and out, and having to scroll back and forth just to read each line of text.

Mobile users are becoming more and more common. These screens are smaller and include special concerns for ease of mobile access.

More information: Website Display Widths


Elastic means the buttons, bars, boxes, and other containers expand to accommodate larger font sizes for people who have their browsers or whole devices set for a larger text size.

Not only do elastic sites allow the text size to change, but it changes without breaking the site and making navigation impossible or content unreadable.

Bridge Sharks

Virtual publisher SeeMe Digital brings an adventure in artistic expression into the real world, in a big way. These are seventy feet wide, each.

Bridge Shark Web Hub

Also, there's a Bridge Shark Responsive Web Hub which will fit in your pocket or on your big screen.

This site is live:

Your Business, Digital

Whether you want a page up with hours and directions or need a comprehensive website developed, let's get you on the Web with style so your skills, products, or services are out there for people to see.

Get a professional custom website for your business with clean code and no hidden fees. That link has more information. If the 'from scratch' option looks too expensive for now, template software sites start at just ... including CMS.

Quality and Integrity

Specializing in customer service, questions are answered and details explained without the clock ticking extra charges onto your account balance.

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VisitEnid Newsletter Top Two

VisitEnid's newsletter 02-10-2014 on local attractions:

The top choice is Woodring Wall of Honor and Veterans Park which has a custom responsive website by Beth Shearon, your SeeMe Digital programmer.

The second option is the Cherokee Strip Regional Heritage Center. Beth helped create their website (twice!) and handled website management every week with event updates and other changes, July 2010 – June 2011, and again (second site) August 2012 to March 2016.

Huffington Post Talks Turkey

What 80% Of Employers Do Before Inviting You For An Interview, article March 1, 2014, by Susan Joyce

They are looking for you online. A Personal Web Hub should be at the top of that list, long before social media. Put your best foot forward for the world to see.

screenshot link to Web Hub page

A Professional in Your Corner

Owner Beth Shearon has a Bachelor of Science degree in E-Commerce and has been designing websites and hand-coding HTML on and off since 1995.


Not Local?

Remote work is available. Transfer files via cloud or email.

Payment can be made securely online.

Digital Graphics and Image Magic

cartoon welder guy created for MAR Welding

From business card graphics to photographs to bridge art, you can be covered large or small. Classy or playful, starting with photos or from an idea, image magic for businesses, organizations, and gifts.

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Now you SeeMe.

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