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One-page Custom Web Hub

Example, Destination Web Hub

Bridge Shark Web Hub

Bridge Shark Responsive Web Hub with CSS3

A destination-oriented page for visitors to the area, and a global highlight for an unconventional, artsy solution to peculiar municipal challenges.

Collage uses CSS3 interactivity via hover or tap to bring the selected photograph to the forefront of the page.

This site is live:

Photographs by Beth Shearon

Your Internet Landing Pad

  • For personal, micro-businesses, events, destinations, or organizations
  • Update friends and associates
  • Link to all your social media, blogs, photos and videos in one place
  • Add your resume if individual, make your skills known
  • More professional than sending people to a social site

Example, Personal Web Hub

Personal Web Hub screenshot

Personal Responsive Web Hub with CSS3, deluxe (extra long, extra images)

This site is live:

1940 LaFrance and soccer goal photographs by Beth Shearon

Your Style

  • Can be sports, service, or professional field-oriented
  • Highlight hobbies, projects, and skills
  • Let people know about additional interests
  • Include clubs and affiliations
  • Your name or nickname could be your address
  • Great gift highlighting a significant achievement

Example, Personal Web Hub

Personal Web Hub screenshot 2

Personal Responsive Web Hub with CSS3, deluxe (extra long, extra images)

This site is live:

Your Choices

  • When people search the web for you, make it easy for them to find you!
  • Show them what you want them to know about you, include certifications
  • Put your best foot forward when looking for a new job
  • Ten people with your name? Make sure they find the right you
  • Make it easier to find people of like mind
  • Families can have individual pages with similar styles to tie them together

Example, Business Web Hub

Rugged Steel Inc.

Rugged Steel Inc. Web Hub created with CSS3 and a JavaScript slide show

Photographs courtesy Rugged Steel, Inc.

Clean Code

  • Clean, professionally written code, understandable and easy for any webmaster to handle
  • Better for good search engine results
  • No Flash so it works for iPhones and iPads
  • External CSS – save a future webmaster oodles of time on any style and color changes
  • Made especially for you, not a generic template
  • Starting at $1200

"I'm on LinkedIn (etc), why do I need a Web Hub?"

  • Many of these listings and networking sites have information which is only available to members, and sometimes people have to be paid members to see what you have listed, and many of them blast people with ads, how rude!
  • Some of them only let you add information in categories they chose
  • Good luck adding your own look to the listing
  • If you have more than one, can you link them together?
  • Your web hub can link to all of these different listings, social media, and networking sites
  • Made especially for you, not a boring generic template
  • If you are looking to change positions, a web hub can show off your professional best

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