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Web and Software Services

  • Custom websites, hubs, and template software sites
  • CMS services, Web Applications
  • Databases and Website Database Integration
  • Custom Intranets, E-Commerce Solutions
  • Website Consulting for existing sites, redesigns, and completely new sites

Photo and Graphics Services

Website Accessibility

If your organization or business requires or desires accessibility, you have come to the right place. A recent client with an existing website showed up for changes, and 16 accessibility errors (just on the front page!) were reduced to zero errors.

For an extreme example, the Red Dirt Run of Honor event website has another whole version of the site which is text-based for ease in accessibility, since the site's colors are commonly difficult to distinguish for people who are color blind.

Webmaster Services

Existing Websites

  • Content management on a regular schedule or just once in a while
  • Freshen up your site design
  • Add responsive and elastic styles, especially great for mobile and other devices
  • Link to your social media, blogs, photos and videos
  • Add slideshows, JavaScript, SVG
  • Move content from an old site to a new site
  • Crop and edit photos to fit your site design
  • Reduce image resolution for faster downloading

Website Template Software Services

  • Like Weebly and others, sure, you can get those done here also
  • Inexpensive solution for a Web presence for small businesses
  • Many template software programs now allow some choices for customizing design
  • Some include online store options
  • SeeMe Digital can take care of it so you don't have to take time away from other business
  • See Template Websites for more details

Additional Web and Software Services

If you don't see what you want to have done listed here, Ask via email or call 580-231-2342


Custom Websites and Web Hubs: Your domain name and hosting can be obtained from whichever service you prefer. Your website is created and then installed on your host.

QA Services

Quality Assurance

Your website is your best sales person and customer relationship manager: international and open 24 hours a day, 7 days a week to answer questions and provide the information clients and potential clients are looking for.

Make sure your website is in top-notch condition by taking advantage of QA Services. Having an experienced set of eyes and hands roam over your site after updates can ensure your clients are getting the best you can offer.

Don't Let This Be You

Headings spelled wrong, link addresses which lead your people to nowhere, missing graphics, and unfinished content can sometimes happen. This is not what you want all your clients and potential clients to see.

Do you have time to review your site every day or week to make sure this isn't you? Is it actually getting done? Does your company have a policy in place to help ensure these mistakes don't stay public forever?

Heading Disaster

Easy Solutions

SeeMe Digital on the job for an hour per day, week, or month, depending on your update frequency, can help keep your organization looking like it is on top of its game. Only do updates every few months? Schedule the appropriate timing at your convenience.

Not Again

While there are no guarantees, hiring SeeMe Digital to check your site can significantly reduce the chances of your links sending your clients to 404 notices, file not found announcements, or those false pages for old URLs with a bunch of links on them that lead who knows where.

Page Not Found means Wasting Client Time

Examples of Webmaster Services

Website Transfer Project:
Moving old website content to a new host and new template software
Cherokee Strip Regional Heritage Center
This was and is a fairly extensive site, 47 pages at the time of transfer completion. The transfer project, including tweaking the new template design, took 56 hours.

Content Management:
Sundance Wine & Spirits
Seasonal website content updates

Example of Template Software Services

Cherokee Strip Regional Heritage Center

The new website for the Cherokee Strip Regional Heritage Center was created with template software. This extensive site with readily available navigation is also an example of how some templates can be adjusted quite a bit for client preferences.

Hourly Service Rates

  • $150 hourly rate
  • $140 per hour monthly schedule
  • $130 per hour weekly schedule
  • At your office add travel expenses
  • $300 per hour for Emergency Services


Need a Massive Amount of Hours?

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