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Digital Graphics

Vector Graphics for Print

Logo for MAR Welding. This guy is made with vector graphics so he can be saved to printable and web images in tiny or huge sizes with no blurriness or blockiness. The copy here is jpg.

concept shot of positioning for welder for MAR Welding logocartoon welder created for MAR Welding

Vector Graphics for Web

One example of SVG for web is the SeeMe Digital logo at the top of the site. It scales crisply to small and large sizes, plus it does this without creating a huge file mass to download for the larger sizes. Here are some other SVG examples:

red pushpin svgside facepalm svggrey oil derrick and landscape svgdoh dudeproud

Business Card Graphics

Sx Custom Fabrication business card graphic. The airbrush work is part of what he does; help was supplied with arranging the paintings, and editing and arranging the logo and business information

three airbrush images of women in bathing suits with the Sx logo

All of the Above

Logo for Prevail Strength & Fitness in Oklahoma City. This logo needed to be developed in a way which could be used for t-shirts, business cards, banners, and also some web uses.

Prevail Strength & Fitness logo

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