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Digital Image Magic: Photo Editing and Graphics

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Digital Graphics

Vector Graphics

Made of math, these are great for images which need to be sized tiny and huge without blocks or blur

cartoon welder guy created for MAR Welding

Business Card Graphics

Arrange your images with your business information or create new images

three airbrush images of women in bathing suits with the Sx logo

Digital Photo Editing


Here are a few examples. Hover or tap the photos to see the before shots, and follow the link for more. Cosmetic solutions:

photo of teeth with bracessame photo of teeth now with no braces

Add a Person

If Aunt Maggie couldn't make it to the reunion, now she can still be in the family photo.

group of people with one Mikegroup of people after adding another Mike

Remove Damage, Change Color

It was a great picture of a boy and his first car. Too bad it was right after that little collision.

  • smoothed fendercrunched fender
  • smoothed fendercandy turquoise color on smoothed fender

Add Watermarks

Watermarks can be placed in corners or right across like this one.

Shearon raku photoShearon raku photo with watermark

Remove a Person

When they run off with the tennis instructor, don't hide all the family photos; just hide them.

photo of a group of peoplesame photo of group with two people removed

Photo Restoration

Old Faithful

Ancient, faded, creased photos with tape or water marks can be revived. This restoration also included adding a warmer tint.

  • ancient damaged photorestored the ancient damaged photo
  • restored the ancient damaged photoadded a warm duotone to the restored ancient damaged photo

Off the Virtual Map

Bridge Sharks in Downtown Enid, Living Large: these graphics are seventy feet wide, each.

Bridge Shark Web Hub

Also, there's a Bridge Shark Responsive Web Hub which will fit in your pocket or on your big screen.

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