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Tiny Mom & Pop Shops need websites, too

If your business is too small or too new to be able to afford a custom website from scratch, or even a less expensive template software website created for you by SeeMe Digital, below are some other options you could consider.

Please call or email if you would like SeeMe Digital to help with set up, or handle the entire project.

Community Giving

After many requests for free or nearly free work, this information was researched and is offered as a service to individuals and the greater community.

If it helps you, please drop a line and say so, and/or offer a link to SeeMe Digital from your site.

Good Luck!

Where are you on the scale?

Lots of time, no money:

These solutions can help you do it yourself.

Little time, little money:

Hire me for an hour or so and I'll show you how to set up your own site on a free, decent–looking template software host

No time, a little more money:

$1200 for a five page template software website, and you are on the web, including content management system software, with no additional commitment.

SeeMe Digital can have one of these ready for you in a few days.

If you need an extensive site, it is just a matter of adding more work time to the invoice for more pages. SeeMe Digital can also take care of updating your site for you if you are busy or just don't want to do it.

Need a better solution:

Custom websites can include lots of things the templates don't, including your own individual style and database integration. They can be much better optimized for speed and responsiveness, as well as elasticity and accessibility. They can also include multiple image assets for responsive efficiency and quality.

See the Custom Websites page for more information.

Have time to learn?


Google Get Your Business Online (Intuit), for a website up to 3 pages, domain name, templates and hosting free for one year, then $8 a month for domain name and hosting. Additional options may cost more. These sites are supposed to be customizable. They do not say they do not put ads on the free sites. They do say they are collecting and using your information.


Homestead (Intuit), site up to 5 pages(?), templates and hosting free for 30 day trial, then $5 per month. Additional options may cost more. Can use their content, pictures and graphics. Limited customization.


Weebly, unlimited pages: templates and hosting free (no ads, small Weebly link at bottom). Does not appear to be restricted to businesses, could be used by organizations. Pro version says less than $5 per month, not including domain name. Subdomain is free or you can buy your own domain name (no price listed to buy through them), or connect an existing one you already have with this service. Moderately customizable site.

This list is intended to be used as a reference only; please do your own investigating.

Information is current as of October 15, 2012 and as correct as could be gleaned without digging too deeply into small print or actually signing up for these services. There is another one out there like Weebly called Wix you might want to look over as well.

Related Services from SeeMe Digital

Website Template Software Services

  • Edit or update content on your template
  • Change colors or other design elements (depends on template)
  • Set up domain name, hosting service
  • Create a website for you using template software, $1200 and up

Hourly Service Rates

  • $150 hourly rate
  • $140 per hour monthly schedule
  • $130 per hour weekly schedule
  • At your office add travel expenses
  • $300 per hour for Emergency Services

Domain and Hosting Assistance

Domain names usually run about $15 per year. This is your address on the Web, and it is well worth the money to have your own domain name. (example

Like a post office box number, this is only the address.

Hosting space is like the actual post office box itself, which holds the website content on a server so others may access it.

Now you SeeMe.

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